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Blind Rivets

Blind rivets are tubular fasteners. They comprise the rivet along with an integrated mandrel. Also, these rivets can be installed in joints from one side of the component. We present a wide range of blind rivets, ideal for general, specialty and high performance needs. There are several types, such as standard, sealed, interlock and multi-grip. Further, we offer rivets for different environments and modern assembly requirements. Our range of high-quality blind rivets is great for many applications including: electronic enclosures, outdoor cases, LED signs, vehicles and white goods. We have quality fasteners for your demanding assembly process. The blind fastening systems offer good installation capability, excellent configuration and greater strength.
Closed Type Blind Rivets
Closed Type Blind Rivets
We offer Closed Type Blind Rivets, which are fully sealed fasteners excellent for use where water or air tight joints are required. These are incorporated with a positively retained stem that provides a fully sealed and vibration resistant joint.